Things We Think Will Make Us Happy (But Don’t)

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Wait. What?

Laurie Renee Santos, a cognitive Scientist and Professor of Psychology at Yale, created the course The Science of Wellbeing that mines into new results on how psychological science teaches us ways to be happier, less stressed, and flourish more.

1. A Good Job

If you had to predict your level of happiness on a scale of 1 through 10–1 being the least happy, vice versa, how happy do you think you would be if you did not get the job you wanted? For me, I would cast a vote on the 4th scale.

2. Money

In 2015, the totality of consumer spending on lottery tickets in the U.S. added up to over $70 billion. This is more than the money spent on video games, movies, music, books, and sports tickets — combined.

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3. Social Wants

We live in an era where we consume a myriad of media content that amass numerous product advertisements from TV commercials to social media. In that sense, we sometimes find ourselves wishing for the possibilities: “I wish I had a Mercedes Benz”, “I wish I had a JBL” or “I wish I had the latest edition of Jo Malone”.

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