The Inventor of Instant Noodles

It all started in a little shed

Illustration from Google Doodles

Where It All Started

After World War II, Japan was faced with intense food shortage. In an attempt to solve the nation’s hunger problem, the Japanese government imported wheat flour from the United States and encouraged locals to make bread.

Experimentation of Ingredients

In a little shed behind Ando’s house in the town of Ikeda-city, Osaka Prefecture, he tried to figure out ways on how to preserve the noodles. To him, the noodle he was striving to create would be something that’s non-perishable, tasty, and at the same time, easy to cook.

The Evolution of Instant Noodles

First Invention: The Chicken Ramen (1958)

When Ando’s instant noodles came to the attention of the public in 1958, his first invention, the original Chikin Ramen, wasn’t only sensational. Still, it was also sold as a luxurious item — about six times more expensive than the traditional noodles.

Second Invention: Cup Noodles (1971)

Ando’s trip to America made him realised that managers in supermarkets were breaking up Chicken Ramen noodles into a cup, pouring in boiling water, and eating them with a fork.

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