Great Conversationalists Have These 5 Qualities

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5 Qualities a Great Conversationalist Has

Having great conversational skills is essential in today’s world. They unlock paths to job opportunities, amazing friendships, and even unforgettable life experiences.

1. Have Genuine Interests in the Person

People who converse well are also people who want to know who you are. They adopt a Dora the explorer mindset and frame their perspective around questions such as, “What does this person like to do?”, “What is he/she thinking?” or “What motivates them in life?”.

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

A great conversationalist keeps the conversation buoyant instead of anchoring it down. They don’t nitpick on every little detail in your sentences and use it as an opportunity to churn them into a fireball to attack you. They also wouldn’t turn into a heated argument where they harbor “I’m right, you’re wrong” kind of conceptions.

3. Give Praises Lavishly

They’re anything but generous in making the other person feel good about themselves. This is not the same as being pretentious but giving credits when credits are due. Albeit they’re aware of their awesome conversational skills, good conversationalists understand that there’re lots to learn beyond their knowledge.

4. 50–50 Sharing

I never felt like I was oversharing nor bored to the core whenever I engage in discussions with great conversationalists. They understand that this is not a campaign nor a presentation where they ramble on for hours. Instead, they draw you into the conversation just as much as they speak — a give and take concept.

5. Be Emotionally Sensitive

A topic such as past traumas is never on their list. Instead, they discuss your likes. Your future goals. Your favourite hobbies. Great conversationalists understand that bringing up a negative topic would only leave the person upset and therefore, that is the last thing they’d do.

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