What Being Cheated On Taught Me About Love

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Illustration by Anna Parini

You Can’t Force Someone to Love You

I’m incredibly loyal to whomever I love. I’d show affection for my partner in every major and subtle way. Hell, I’d even travel the distance if I could only spend a day with my partner over the weekends. If I got into an argument with my other half, I’d be more than willing to compromise than let my ego inflate and worsen the situation.

Learning to Love Myself Better

The days that followed after I was being cheated on, I spent the time ruminating about our relationship and it led me to an epiphany.

The Only Closure You Need Comes From You

It’s tempting to overthink and let your mind wander in self-sabotaging thoughts. I’d admit it was addictive to make up scenarios in my head, justifying that I wasn’t good enough, but what good does it do? Nothing.

Closing Thoughts

Writing about this made me nostalgic. It didn’t bring up any ill feelings or whatsoever. I’m grateful to love and be loved, and with all great relationships, they’re bound to hit a roadblock at times. It’s up to both parties to make amends and get through tough times together as a team.

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A dog lover with a passion for writing. | Email: charlenee98@gmail.com

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