Advice on Relationships to a Heartbroken Friend

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You Are Enough

The trouble with my friend in the last five years was being a love addict. His world became hers. Whenever her love interests (not boyfriend) decides to pull the plug and call it quits, it was as if her world was decimated and shattered into smithereens.

There’s No One Like Them

“I’m afraid I won’t ever find anyone like him.”

Those words flashed across my phone screen as my friend expressed her emotions heart-wrenchingly.

Your Love Doesn’t Make Them Stay

“I waited three years for him while he figured out his life. Why can’t he do the same for me?”

Here’s the thing about relationships: you can shower someone with your Love and do anything in your power to keep them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to stay.

“I told him I’m not going to put my life on hold to wait for him. Truth be told, I don’t know if I’ll wait. But as long as he’s safe and happy, I’m contented enough.”

That is the hallmark of emotional maturity and a friend who finally sees her self-worth.

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