5 Habits of Highly Magnetic People

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Picture this: you’re in a room, and a person strides in with their back straight, shoulders squared, and chest inflated. You take notice of the person and make eye contact with him. To which he gives you a nod while brimming a smile.

At that instant, would you feel like that stranger was just another being in the room, or was it a moment of you going “Wow!”?

This is what I’d like to call a highly magnetic presence. A style of confidence that isn’t the same as arrogant, nor is it snobbish. It’s an alluring presence that possesses both high power and high warmth.

“Magnetism” is an attribute that would captivate people, let them hear what you want to say, and be eager to earn your approval. People are just instantly drawn towards people with that level of charisma, making them want to develop meaningful connections with you.

While some people may have it naturally, charisma can be easily learned by developing certain habits that give you a magnetic boost.

1. Be Present

Highly magnetic people command presence when they hold a conversation with you. They give you their fullest attention like you’re the superstar in the room and listens intently to what you have to say.

You won’t catch them frequently adverting their eyes away from you or see them fiddling with their phone while you talk. Non-magnetic people, on the other hand, wander in their thoughts and pretend that they’re listening to you.

Recall an experience where the person you were talking to wasn’t listening. How did you feel? Annoyed? Unimportant? A waste of time?

Fortunately, presence is a learnable skill that takes practice and patience. If you find your mind wandering off in the middle of the conversation, try scanning the environment for sounds, wiggle your toes and feel the sensations along with it or focus on your breaths as you inhale and exhale.

Delving into the physical sensations gives your mind something concrete to focus on, drawing your attention away from distractions. It’ll be tedious at first trying to master this habit, but with practice, you’ll find yourself getting comfortable with it.

2. Be Authentic

Charismatic people aren’t afraid of standing up for their own beliefs and values. They’re not people-pleasers who’d give up their boundaries and conform to others’ opinions. Neither are they worried about what people think of them. Instead, they understand the essence of who they are, what makes them tick, and what doesn’t.

Understanding oneself is the key to bringing your unique personality to the table. Highly magnetic people exude a level of confidence where they can acknowledge new ideas, handle conflicts that are honest and tactfully, and be vulnerable.

We learn how to trust and respect what they’re saying because of their integrity. People with charisma don’t put on a facade or resort to manipulation to make you like them. They are real.

3. Be Interested in Others

A fascinating person in the room is the one who shows the most interest in other people. People with high levels of magnetism aren’t self-involved and only talk about things they care about that you don’t. Instead, they get you to talk about yourself as much as they share about themselves.

They’re non-judgmental, tend not to speak as much as you, and ask questions while they listen to you share your story. People who show interest in you want to uncover what’s beneath the surface. Thus, the person receiving the attention feels valued.

Charismatic people use active listening to notice the other person’s body language, tonal changes, the pace of speech, and their choice of words. Depending on the situation, people with charisma also read between the lines and aptly adjust their responses accordingly. An example would be in cases where the conversation becomes emotional.

4. Be Energetic

Have you ever experienced a moment where the person you’re talking to is so cheerful, so optimistic, louder than other people, and prominent in their body language?

A charismatic person is also someone who exudes high levels of energy that break social barriers and raise the enjoyment level in the room by just being there. Celebrities like Will Smith or Terry Crews are great examples.

Instead of shaking hands with or nodding at new people in the room, they smile brightly at you and say things like, “It’s so good to see you!” or “It’s so good to be here, how are you doing?”. They aren’t afraid of showing affection through hugs either.

If you want to feel the effects of the scenario above, imagine that scene playing out in your head. You’ll likely feel positive because charismatic people know how to make us feel included.

Demonstrating such a level of energy is a head-turner, and it’d influence other people in the room to follow along. Sooner or later, you’ll realise that the entire room lights up and everyone enjoys conversing with each other.

5. Have a Sense of Humour

People with charisma make others smile and laugh with their positivity. This doesn’t mean you have to be at a standard that’s the same as stand-up comedians.

You can keep conversations light by bantering with the person you’re talking or try caustic senses humour where you can be sarcastic and tell harsh truths in a way that makes people laugh — think about Ellen Degeneres on her talk shows.

However, caustic humour can be harsh on some individuals and may likely leave an impression that you’re insensitive. If you’re not confident in using that technique, try saying jokes that you know.

Habit #5 is self-explanatory because we want to be around people who make us feel happy.

There’re many other ways to increase your “magnetism” level, but these habits are also a great place to start improving your most charismatic traits.

Thank you for reading!

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